I Know it's been a while since I've updated on our classroom happenings. This year seems to be flying by faster than ever before. We've been having a great year but I haven't had any time to sort through all the pictures and put a post together. I'm hoping to get it done soon! For now I wanted to stop by and tell you about some great new products that I'm loving right now.

This Differentiated Reading for Comprehension book has been great. It has engaging stories at three levels so that it's easy to use with small groups and differentiate for different abilities. My students have loved the stories and they have done a great job with answering the questions which was definitely a new skill for them when we started these.

I have been using these with my small reading groups but they would work well for whole group instruction as well. Great practice for finding proof within text. I think these would also work great for assessment.

For math these Curriculum Cut-Outs have been the perfect warm-up activity for us!
I punched holes in the cards and put them on these rings. When students come in from recess they grab a ring and take it to their desks, then they get out their white boards and complete the problems.
The cards review a variety of skills that are fun and great practice for us in second grade. My students can't wait to get them out each day. Now our time after recess when some are getting drinks and using the restroom is actually productive and meaningful. You could use these as task cards, early finisher activities, or small group review as well. I am very happy with them.

Both products are from Carson Dellosa, if you would like to see more about them you can see more in these videos

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope to be back soon with much more from our classroom!
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Review Disclaimer: I participate in the Brand Ambassador Program for Carson-Dellosa and have received this product for free to review.
A few years ago I was going through expensive electric pencil sharpeners like crazy, I had three new sharpeners before Christmas an all of them ended up broken. So I decided I was going to have my students go back to using the good old fashioned crank sharpeners. I started looking for one online an I ended up finding a sharpener that changed all my pencil troubles! Classroom Friendly Supplies sells the BEST sharpeners I have ever found.

They sharpen pencils to the perfect point and they don't chew up the plastic coating on the decorated pencils. My students can use them easily and I haven't had them break once! I even decided to go back to electric sharpeners last year and after two went down within a couple months, I went right back to these and haven't regretted it! I have a blue and a black one in my classroom, my son even took one with him to college!

When I saw the new color I just had to have one! I am in love with the new POPULAR PURPLE!!

It's so pretty! I have been excitedly sharpening away, and my students were so excited to see a new sharpener, they've been using it like crazy. Just like before I haven't been disappointed. It works beautifully!

Want to put an end to pencil sharpening headaches? Go on over to Classroom Friendly Supplies and get one for your classroom. They come in lots of cool colors, sure to match and decor, and they are very economical, so you won't break the bank getting one - or two!

Know a teacher who could use one? These would also make great gifts for the upcoming holidays too!
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