Well I go back for training tomorrow, I am trying to wrap up a lot of odds and ends and can't wait to actually get into my classroom! Here's what I am working on this week...
I LOVE these frames, and have been admiring everyone who lives close enough to IKEA to get them! I finally found some at a reasonable price on ebay and ordered them myself! I printed each of these posters from Sweet Blessings! I love all of her posters and have several others already hanging in my room! I can't wait to add these for a special touch around the reading area! I painted the orange one  yellow to match my colors and added little bows to each frame.

I finished up my last request for a Teacher Binder Set in a Beach Theme! You can get the pre-made version right here for FREE! or click on the picture to go to my store for the editable version! I think I say this about every new set, but I love it!! It was so fun to make and turned out adorable in my humble opinion!

Finally, I made a new Behavior Clip Chart to match the Boho theme, It's free as well, click on the picture to download it!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, I appreciate all of your comments! Don't forget to head on over to Tara's Blog to see what everyone else is making!
So are you ready to go back to school? I am gearing up for the first days of teacher training this week, and can't wait to get into my classroom to start setting up. Students will be walking through the doors before we know it, and we Hoosier teachers wanted to help you get ready! We are sharing fun back to school freebies and previews of our latest and greatest products that you must have before the big day!

As a special education teacher I like to start off the year talking to my students about their plans! What do you plan to do with your life? Where will you live? What career are you thinking about? I've always wanted to have a better system for collecting this information and motivating students to take an active roll in planning for themselves. So I created this packet! Which is geared towards students with disabilities but could be used with all students. I think taking ownership in their own education is a good thing for everyone! Here's a look at what you will find in my Student Data Notebooks pack...

It is full of planning pages, posters, activities, and recording sheets for helping students create long and short term goals, track their progress, and understand what having a disability means to them. There are writing pages and plenty of opportunity to differentiate for the specific needs of your students. I am so excited about using this resource in my classroom this year, and I think you will love it too! Click on the pictures above to see it in my TPT store and download a larger preview!

You can get two posters from this set for FREE by clicking on the pictures below. Wouldn't it be wonderful if every teacher in every classroom discussed disabilities with their class and shared these thoughts?? I sure think it would! So I hope many of you will use these this year!

*** UPDATE*** I got these posters printed at Staples for 98 cents each ....

you can also have them laminated for $2.00 and they look amazing, can' t wait to hang them in my classroom!  I've been printing so much from Staples this year since I have one close by and can pick them up in the store within 24 hours! It's been great!!

Don't forget to check out the next stop on this blog hop Susan over at Imagination Station is up next...

Pick up many more freebies, preview great back to school products, and keep on going all the way to the end of this hop where you can enter to win a $75 Gift Card to the store of your choice! Isn't that an Amazing prize!! Click on the picture below to see what's next!

Have you heard of the Draw.Write.Now program? If you haven't you really should head over and check it out! It is a great way to get students practicing their fine motor skills which will help improve their hand writing.. It's fun and engaging, I know my students are going to love using these books. Here's a look at the program...
Eight different books and 168 lessons focus on a variety of topics,including geography, science, history, social studies, and language arts.  Each book contains short passages with guides for drawing a picture to go along with the story. They are easy to follow along with and you're sure to find one that interests every child!
The fun facts and interesting questions help you interact with students as they draw! Practicing handwriting no longer means copying boring sentences every morning, start your day out with these and your students will be gaining that fine motor control without realizing how much they are working!

The lessons can be done in small or whole group, or even individually. They are appropriate for students to use on their own with minimal help from an adult.

I plan to use these as lesson starters in the morning, brain breaks, and even as fun center activities! My students are always drawing something, or asking if they can draw when they are suppose to be writing, this is the perfect way to incorporate drawing into their writing and get in a little reading as well!

You can click on either picture above to head on over to Barker Creek Publishing and learn more about this great program!

Now, for the best part! You can win an entire set of Draw.Write. Now books for your classroom!! Enter using the rafflecopter below! One lucky person will be chosen randomly on August 3rd to win the entire box set, and AWESOME prize!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck everyone, and thanks for reading!
I don't know if any of you find your students struggling with math facts but I sure do! I know that the foundational skills need to be in place for my students to be able to concentrate on higher level thinking so we spend most of our time trying to learn basic math facts to mastery.

I am always looking for new resources to help me get them practicing. You know, it's got to get their attention, and keep it! It's got to change up every once in a while! We can't just drill flash cards everyday, it's been tried and it really didn't work!!

So on my search for great resources I found one that has really helped my students and I wanted to share it with all of you! Laura Candler's Mastering Math Facts!

I love this book! It is filled with great activities and lessons to help students master facts. It is aligned to the common core, and it's FUN!! The activities include hands on ways to practice facts, step by step lessons, and lots of variety, so your students don't feel like it's drill and kill, but you are still practicing basic facts every single day! Activities like hula  hoop, fish tank, and egg carton multiplication are fun and functional.

It begins with assessments so you can see just where your students are in their understanding, it teaches students to link addition to multiplication, and uses real world situations for applying newly acquired skills.

It includes a motivational system for tracking facts mastered and rewarding students for their hard work. These can be individualized for each student or used with your whole class. There are several options so you can choose what works best for your students.

The assessments are great! I love the variety here too! You can use the one minute timed tests that I've traditionally used or use a fill in the missing number assessment, mini math quizzes for quick review, and even a white board review that could be done as a center!

I am so excited about using this with my students in the fall! I know it's made a difference already and I can't wait to continue to see my students master their math facts!

For more information on Laura's book check out the website Mastering Math Facts! There is a great little video you can watch and more information about how the book aligns to the common core. You can order the book from the website in PDF form for easy printing, if you purchase the print edition you get the PDF for free.  You can also purchase the book through Amazon, just click on the picture above!

I know you  will love this resource as much as I do so go check it out!!
Linking up with Tara at Fourth Grad Frolics for Monday Made it again today!
Another Monday down means school is just around the corner for me!! I am excited to get back in my classroom and start fixing in up especially as I finish up some of my Summer to dos! Here's what I worked on this week!
 I made these Labels for my Interactive Reading and Math Notebooks! I can't wait to use these this year, I've done variations of folders, binders, and foldables but I think it will be awesome to have them all right here in one notebook that can be added to as we go!  I LOVE these notebooks that match my classroom colors in cute designs I got at Walmart for 97 cents each!! I wanted to be able to easily tell them apart so I made different reading (above with the black background) and math (below with a white background) labels!
These are printed on Avery Shipping Labels product number 48264 3 1/3 x 4 inch 6 per page in case you wanted to look them up! You can download these labels RIGHT HERE for FREE!
While I was at Walmart I found this Washi Tape that matched my classroom for 98 cents a roll! So I finally finished these clips that will hold student work in the hallway and anchor charts in our classroom. I just covered the clip with the tape, trimmed and brushed over it with a little Mod Podge to help it stay in place! I hot glued pushpins to the back to hang them with and changing out the work should be a breeze!
Finally I updated my supply drawer labels to match the Boho theme! I added the bird stickers to really tie it all together! I can't wait to get into my classroom and get all the drawers done! You can get these drawer labels RIGHT HERE for FREE TOO!

I only have two more Mondays before I am back to work! I have a couple more projects I'm working on so don't forget to check back next week and see what I've got for you!

Hop on over to Tara's blog and check out all the other busy teachers who are making it this Monday!! Thanks for reading!

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For a Great Giveaway from my Friends at Carson-Dellosa! You Don't Want to Miss It!!
I am so excited to FINALLY be back online today! On Monday I posted from my phone because last weekend as I was working away my computer went into sleep mode, and guess what it wouldn't wake back up!! I was frantic!! I have been such a procrastinator about backing up files and I just new all the hard work I had done was GONE!! So Monday morning bright and early I rushed my computer into the repair shop, and then I waited! And WAITED, and WAITED!!!

Finally on Thursday I got the dreaded call! The motherboard had overheated and there was no fixin it! I needed to purchase a new computer :( Totally  not in the budget right now, and what about all my hard work??? WELL fortunately the awesome computer techs were able to help me out! I bought a refurbished computer from them and they transferred everything from my hard drive right on over here for me!! HUGE sigh of relief!! I am so thankful that nothing was lost except the computer! So nice to be back, and some major catching up to do!!

Now here I am ready to share with you two new binder sets on this beautiful Friday!! Get the pre-made sets right here for FREE, or head on over to TPT (click on the pictures below) to purchase the editable version and customize it to fit all your classroom needs! I happen to think these are just so adorable!! I hope you will too!

Thanks so much for stopping by, stay tuned over the next several days I've got lots to share with you!! Hope you have a wonderful Friday!
It's time for Monday made it hosted by the fabulous Tara over at Fourth grade Frolics! 

I've had quite the weekend so this is definitely not the post I was hoping to share with you! I have only one made it, here it is.....
Cute new door hanging to match my classroom colors! Super cheap and easy! I picked up a round wooden plaque and a glittery foam letter M from Walmart. They were both under a dollar. Brought it home and mod lodges on some scrap book paper from Hobby Lobby (39 cents a sheet) and added a super cute ribbon to hang it with (also from hobby lobby $1.99 for a large roll). I love it and can't wait to hang it on my classroom door!

And there you have it! I wanted to share so much more but this past week my car started leaking oil! I was going down the road and it starts beeping telling me to stop the engine NOW!! Not good!! So now it's in the repair shop and who knows how much that is going to cost!! 

Then I was working away on digital resources to show you all today and my computer DIED!! I am still crying! I am going to take it in to the shop this afternoon and see if it can be repaired! I am praying the answers yes and the first thing I will do if it gets fixed is backup all
My stuff! Yeah I should have already done that, I've been saying I'm going to but my computer was not having any trouble now I'm kicking myself big time!! 

So I am off to see what I can do to get things fixed, trying not to break the bank!! Hopefully I will be back soon with good news! 

I am posting from my phone so I can't add Tara's beautiful button :( Please don't forget to head over and see what others have made this Monday! 
I have updated several more binder sets that I offered last year and created a couple new themed sets! Click on the pictures to get the editable sets in my store and customize them however you would like or follow the links for the free pre-made sets!

I absolutely love how the Monster and Dog sets have turned out!! I am currently working on a camping and beach theme set as well as a Candy themed set! Can't wait to share them all when they are done!!

I am having a Thirty One Party this week and wanted to let you all know about their bags!! I love my teacher bag from Thirty One!! I have had the same one for four years now and it has been wonderful, it holds everything I need with plenty of storage space and of course I love that I could get it personalized! I recently purchased a new one!! I can't wait to use it this year! I love their new designs. 
Party Punch
This is the the one I got, it's the organizing utility tote in a fun new Party Punch Pattern! If you are in the market for a new teacher bag click on the picture below to come on over to the website and shop! I would appreciate your support!! This month's special is for every $31 you spend you get 31% off any other item in the catalog! 
Style to go bundle

My party is this Thursday, so hurry on over to take advantage of this great deal!! Thanks for stopping by!
I was able to get several projects finished up this weekend and can't wait to share them with you! So here we go...

First up, a simple project, labeling some cute little baskets using the Boho Bird labels and stickers I got from Carson Dellosa.
There are some things I like to keep handy for math lessons and games, last year I found myself looking around the room for them way too much, so this year I want them to have a home! These baskets came from Dollar Tree, 2 for a dollar and they are perfect for keeping small quantities organized for small groups!

Next up, I have a spur of the moment craft! I didn't plan for this one, but while in Hobby Lobby I found a cute canvas on sale 90% off, only $1.50 and I thought to myself that could be something really cute, so I grabbed it. I found some Sharpie paint pens on sale at Michaels for 39 cents each and came up with a plan!
I painted the canvas with yellow acrylic paint, it took a couple of coats to cover the basketball and you can still see the circle of glitter a little (it's more visible in the picture than it was in person)! I added one of my favorite quotes with the black paint pen, an dots with other colors to match my classroom! It's not perfect, I just free hand drew them but I love how it turned out! I added a bird sticker too, just pulling in the class theme!

The real reason I was in hobby lobby was to pick up some fabric! I wanted to recover a directors chair that I picked up at a yard sale for 50 cents! A great find I was thrilled about, except it was black with a Pepsi One logo on it, easy fix with the right fabric, and I love how it turned out!!
It was really easy to recover and I think it will be a wonderful addition to my classroom!

The last project I did was a little different! I shared last week the bowl I am using for daily warm ups and I was also looking for a way to easily store and handout reviews at the end of the day! I picked up this napkin holder (commercial version from Gordon Foods) at the free teacher store in our area a while back thinking I would find some way to use it! I came up with this and it works perfectly!!!
It was easy to decorate, it had signs inside I took them out and replaced them with scrapbook papers in my classroom colors. I made the label that says take one using the Boho bird labels and stickers again. For the papers to come out correctly I had to cut them in half (hot dog style) and fold them in half (hamburger style) then overlap them with each other, once I placed them inside one comes out and the next pops up!! It was easy to create reviews in 2 columns and then cut them apart! Can't wait to use it with my kiddos, maybe they will actually want to do review problems now!! I doubt it, but maybe!!

While I was shopping for all my crafting goods I found some fabulous things I wanted to share too!
These fun finds came from Dollar Tree, see how little they are, they are retractable! I picked up a fly swatter and a back scratcher to use as a pointer. I love that they can be small for when we are working at the table close to one another and extend pretty far for a long reach!! Hopefully they hold up in the classroom!!
I picked up  these fun pencils at Target, I love the "school" themed ones, and the other have sayings on them "great job" "nice work" etc. I am going to put them in my pencil dispenser as rewards! So cute!!
Finally, I got these great books (level 3 readers) each for a dollar in the Target Dollar Spot! They were great reads, the president and bill of rights were very well written and I think will be very helpful to my students in social studies this year!

Back to school shopping is just getting started for me, I am sure I'll be back with more fabulous goodies before long!

Don't forget to stop by Tara's Blog and check out all the amazing things people are making for their classrooms!
Happy Monday!
I've been working hard to get all my binder sets updated and here are five more ready to download, you can get the pre-made set right her for free or click on the picture to head to my store and get the editable version that you can customize for just $2.50!

Today and tomorrow in honor of America's Birthday My store is on sale - Get your Binder set for only $2.00! Check out the other great products there to while they are 20% off! Just click on the picture below to get to my store!
Happy 4th everyone, thanks for stopping by!
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