Ok, so I'm finally getting around to linking up my Holly for the Good, The Bad, and The Ugly linky party!! I wanted to link up right away, but I don't really have a classroom this year. I have a corner "office" space, and you've all seen it!! I think it looks pretty good, but not really a lot to show you, here's some pics to refresh your memory of what it looks like...
 and you've all seen my organization looks good right...

 So to give you the bad (and Ugly) I had to head down to my basement where all my teacher things are stored for now. Here's the bad....
I have my classroom library set up and I've been pulling books from it as the year goes on taking them in to use and then bringing them back, unfortunately some of those books haven't gotten back in the right place, they are all disheveled and some of the labels have fallen off...opps! Still not horrible!

Okay, I'm gonna show you the UGLY,  it's really bad, I can't believe I'm going to let you see this, really it's bad, alright here it is....
I'm in the middle of cleaning out drawers and going through things, I have so many things I've taken to school and not put back, I can't even believe I let it get like this!!
So there you go, I'm not always super organized, I have messes too!! It will get back in order, but right now that's where I'm at!!

As we plan on moving in the next couple months I've really started trying to decide how to organize things for my convenience and for storage purposes because I may not have my own classroom right away, and moving all this stuff is not going to be fun!! So here's what I worked on today...

I had a bunch of these magazine file boxes, and I decided to use them to store my books, it's going to take up a lot less room on the shelves, look much neater, and be easy to pack into boxes when it's time to move. However they are all different colors and that really bugs me!
I've decided to go with a green, pink, black "theme" for my classroom in the future, so I bought wrapping paper in those colors then used spray adhesive to cover up the boxes! I also made new labels in my theme colors to go on them!!

They make me so happy :) I decided putting them backwards would work best and look neatest, since it's just me using them and the kids don't need to see the books in the boxes!

I also redid all my small supply drawers in the new color scheme, I loved the idea of sprucing them up with scrapbook paper and got rid of lots of things I no longer needed so they needed new labels anyway!!

So far I'm in love with it!! I can't wait until it is all done and I can show you the finished project with all that junk put away!!

OK, now go check out Holly's Linky Party at Crisscross Applesauce in Frist Grade!! 
And don't feel bad about showing us your UGLY!! We've all got some hiding somewhere...right????

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