I got to spend some time with my sister this weekend, that always means a little shopping! Get the two of us together and we could shop for days,  if only the bank account would keep going as long as we did!!! Here's what I picked up.....
don't mind the mess around my kitchen table, aka work station for all things back to school!  I got a lot of goodies including a couple scoops for the sensory table in my classroom colors, a pill box I'm going  use to make a cute counting game, some alphabet stickers, and several pink and green containers!
 My new borders (from the Teacher Center) and some hanging "fans" to hand from the ceiling (from Party City)

 Wipe off flash cards for math and letters (from Target)
 Seuss goodies! Cut outs, book marks and erasers (from Target)

 Chipboard letters for word work in cool silver and sparkly pink! (from Target)

Containers for center activities, the pencil pouches were on sale for 49 cents each, and the apple came from the dollar spot (Target)!

Back scratchers in my class colors also from the dollar spot! These will make great pointers for read the room!!
some of the baskets and cute pens also from Target!!!

I am linking up with Kristen for the July Shopping Spree Linky Party, head on over to see so many great finds others have been picking up!!!

I signed my contract today!!! I officially report to work on Aug. 7th, and students begin on the 14th! I can't wait to get into my classroom and get started! Stay tuned for some pictures later this week!!
I've been so excited about getting into my new classroom I started working on a couple of projects right away! I had seen the crate bench on pinterest

and loved it!!! I already had some crates from last year that I used in to organize files while I didn't have an actual classroom...and I had the fabric bins already labeled and ready to go inside, so all I had to do was figure out the seat! I went to target and looked around, remembering my fabric troubles earlier I was looking to go with something safe so here's what I ended up finding.....
It was only $8 and it's antimicrobial!!! It's perfect!!!  Except they didn't have any in a color that would match my room so I also picked up a $4 vinyl table cloth to recover it with!

I used zip ties to secure my crates to one another, it took some pretty long ties to reach between these with the circle holes (creates are from Walmart) 
I cut the table cloth to fit the top doubled over, then cut the "sleep mat" a part at the seems and ended up with four "cushions", I laid the cushions on the table cloth
Then folded the table cloth over and secured it with green duck tape all the way around the open edges
Finally I placed my cloth bins inside :)
Can't wait to use it in my classroom :)

I have also been working on my CAFE board, What do you think of all the sets I posted HERE??? I love them and can't wait to see my entire board once it's in place. Anyway I was inspired by several other bloggers who were using either white boards or some type of magnetic board instead of sticky notes for students to put their names in a column. I already made some small magnetic name tags (on Vistaprint) and was just looking for the perfect "magnetic" thing to use. This weekend in Dollar Tree I found these.....
They are hot plates, they are metal, they are the perfect size! So with a little modge podge and scrapbook paper I have these.....
I think I mentioned last week that my husband worked at a company that made super sticky double sided tape, they also make "hang tabs" he brought me home a role and I was wondering how I would ever use them...well I added one to the back of each of these, and now they should be super easy to hang!!
Can you see them???? I added a little ribbon around the sides and the magnets, here's the finished product...

The final thing I wanted to share today was another binder/CAFE/Daily 5 set! I had one more request for a "dots on chocolate" set, and I think they turned out adorable!!! Click on the pictures to download them now!

Be sure to head on over and visit Tara to see all the wonderful things other teachers are up to!!

Yep I have more two more binder sets available! I've been doing some customizations to so if you need a divider you don't see in the set just let me know, you'll notice a few have been added along the way such as transportation and a sub binder cover!!!

Black dots and Pink Set

Purple Set

AND... I've been working on the Daily 5 and CAFE sets as well here's a few that I have ready, again if you have requests for specific colors let me know!!

Blue/Green Daily 5/Cafe Set

Red/Black Daily 5/Cafe Set

Yellow/Black Daily 5/Cafe Set

Jungle/Safari Daily 5/Cafe Set

Hope you all enjoy these!! I've had a lot of fun making them :) I'm off for a birthday party and hopefully some shopping so stop by tomorrow to see if I have any fab finds to share!! Happy Friday Everyone!!

THEY OFFERED ME THE JOB!!!!! I can't tell you how excited I am!! It's 10 minutes from my house, elementary special education, EXACTLY what I was looking for!! Both the principal and assistant principal were wonderful and I can not wait to get into my classroom and get started!!!

Thank you so much for all of your prayers, thoughts, and comments!!! I feel like I've done a lot of  whining and I'm grateful someone is willing to read it and offer their support!!

And here are some more binder sets by request (hope your not to sick of seeing these, I only have a couple more to do!)

Jungle/Safari Set

Zebra/Lime Green Set

Zebra/Pink Set

A couple of people have asked about the clipart, It's not my work!! I got the stick figures teachers from JW illustrations, some of the school graphics from KPM doodles, and the other kids/safari animals from Scrappin doodles, the ribbions, flowers, and other accents are from Just so Scrappy. For links to all of these and other sources I use clipart from please see the Graphics page!!

Thanks again for following me Happy Thursday!!

Thank you to everyone who has entered my Bloggiversary giveaway, and for all the sweet comments you've left! They make my day when I read them :) and now we have a winner........
Congratulations! I sent you an email and you should be getting info from my other bloggy friends soon!!

I'm working on several requests for my binder sets in different colors, if I haven't gotten to yours don't worry I'll get to it soon! Here are two more, an orange and red/black with apples!

I have been so excited at the response to these sets, thanks for all your wonderful comments, and sharing these with others! I will be back with more soon!
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