Packages and more shopping!

I am very excited today, I got some packages in the mail!! I had won an awesome giveaway from Rebecca at Teaching First, and my prize arrived today! Here it is.............
I can not wait to bind something!! I love the blue gel combs, and the covers are going to make some class books look soooo nice!! What an awesome prize!!

I have a wedding shower to go to tonight and so that meant shopping for a gift today, can you guess where I went??? They were registered at Target so that only made sense!! Ok so there were registered at other stores too but Target was my favorite!! You know I got some treachery things while I was there
OK, not that exciting, just some polka dot mechanical pencils, mainly for my daughter!! My target is being slow at putting out the teacher stuff in the dollar spot it was still mostly empty! So what did I do - I head right next door to the Dollar Tree and picked up these.......
colored/pattern card-stock in my class theme colors

Matching games - early words, sentences, money and shapes & colors!

These Bulletin board sets were awesome for a dollar!  They are not as sturdy as the ones you buy in teacher stores but I am going to laminate them and I think they will work just as well, here's a closer look at what comes in the pack!

 I has a header and six smaller cutouts that explain different parts of speech!
 I also picked up the writing process set, colors and shapes!
 cute cutouts, they will become center activities at some point!
and lower case letter tiles, I got the upper case this weekend!

While at Wal-Mart I irritated the stockers who were knee deep in open boxes trying to load up the shelves as I pushed my way in to see what they had already put out!! I found these for 88 cents each
Can't wait to use them :) They smell really good!!

I did buy the wedding shower gift, I got a glass baking dish and etched the couples names and wedding date into it, Wish I would have taken a picture before I wrapped it!! Turned out so cute :) 

Ok, I'm off to go celebrate with my friends who are getting married on Aug. 4th!
 Hope your enjoying your Thursday evening!!


  1. You found some great things!! I haven't hit up the Dollar Tree yet, but by the sound of it, I'm missing out.
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. I can't believe all the great things that you got from Dollar Tree! I am missing out!

    First Grade Magic

  3. You got some awesome stuff! I've also been stalking our Walmart for Scentos but no luck yet!

    Down The Learning Road


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