First off, Congratulations to Rachel of Ms. Rachel's Room she is the winner of the Carson Dellosa Bingo giveaway! Your package is on it's way, I hope your kids enjoy it as much as mine :)

No for what we've been up to! We've been working on drawing conclusions and making inferences. I blogged about this a while back when I worked on it with 2nd graders, but it came around again when my fifth graders needed to focus on this skill as well so here's what I came up with......

First we used  this poster as our anchor chart, you can get this free here on my blog or at my TPT store, I had it printed on a car door magnet at - love how easy it is to put up and not have to worry about it falling down!

We used this riddle game as an introduction each day, the kids LOVED the riddles they would beg to solve more at the end of each lesson.You get clues that progress giving more information as you go, some were relatively easy to figure out others took some time!
Next we used these light bulbs I got from Anne Beninghof's book Engaging all Learners, I printed several, cut them out and laminated them.I read small paragraphs with descriptions of a place someone would travel to, students wrote down what they were thinking on the light bulb and held them up for me to see.

I printed several pictures from google, one of a cool car, one of a birthday party, the beach, a baby crying, etc. and placed them around the classroom. Students worked in pairs traveling around the classroom writing down their conclusions about what was going on, where, when, and why. They came up with some very interesting stories!!

Then I made these suit cases, I printed pictures of things you would pack for each destination, placed them in the suit case and labeled them with sticky notes 1-5, one of the suit cases says winner inside. I placed them on the board and we played an adapted version of deal or no deal! I drew a name of a student, they choose a case number, I offered a different case in place of theirs, then they either choose my case or theirs. If they got one with a destination they had to use clues from what was packed to decide where the person was going and what they would do there. If they got the winner suit case they one a piece of gum!

We played this inferring bingo game from Florida Center for Reading Research The game starts on page 20! The kids really loved this one!
Hope your all having a wonderful weekend! I'm busy decorating for Christmas!! Can't wait to share some of my latest projects and freebies with you for the holidays! This is my favorite time of year, and while I've been overwhelmed with things to do I am looking forward to planning lessons and activities for the next three weeks! Thanks for reading!!

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