It’s Apple Day! We had a lot of fun learning about Apples and Johnny Appleseed this week. We started the morning with apple tasting. We tasted red delicious, golden delicious (yellow), and granny smith (green) apples and used our five senses to describe each one. Then each student chose their favorite and colored their apple the corresponding color. I used poster board and cut out an apple shape to make our graph. The printables for the graph are from Stephanie Stewarts Smart Apples unit.
Then we talked about which color had the most, the least, how many more, and how many less. For the rest of our math lesson we made these “I See Apples” books. This book was free HERE!

Then we read about Johnny Appleseed and made hats just like Johnny wore! You can get the free printable from Simply Kinder!

We read about apples through the seasons and the apple life cycle. Then we made this apple labeling craft. This is also from Stephanie Stewart's Smart apple unit.
We made applesauce, following a recipe, measuring and following directions! Also from Stephanie Stewart's Smart Apple unit.
Then we wrote about how we made the applesauce with this shared writing chart. I used poster board and laminated it so I can reuse it later!
We painted paper plate apples and put this little poem on them!

And we made stained glass paper apples to decorate our windows! This template is Free from Maria Gavin at Kindercraze.
It was a fun day and our room looks and smells so good!
 Thanks for stopping by and reading about our day! We have grandparents day and a pumpkin day coming soon. I can't wait to share it with you!
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