Needing some inspiration, motivation, ambition??

I feel like it's been way to long since I've posted anything! I've been so busy, overwhelmed, under inspired. Maybe it's motivation I need, or just pure ambition because I haven't felt like doing a thing lately!! I need to get some work done for grad school - create a brochure, interview an administrator, create a lunch menu, all of theses would normally be easy tasks but they seem so daunting right now!! I should have had them done weeks ago, but since I'm taking an online class there are no set dates except they all have to be in by April 25th so now I've got to get to work....and yet I just stare at the computer screen for hours trying to get some sort of inspiration to get them done UGGG!

The week started off rough as my kiddos just weren't adjusting to being back in school, then I had two days off to be with my husband while he had back surgery. I enjoyed my time with him and he is doing amazingly well, except I think he needs to slow down before he re-injures himself and he can't stop going now that he feels so much better. Anyway I went back today and the sub had left a two page note about how I should probably try a behavior management program with my class, more games and interactive activities rather than paper work, and that she doesn't think they have the correct disability labels. I didn't know what to think of it, I do have a behavior management program and it works great while I'm there, my students can be out of control in unfamiliar situations but I don't know, I guess as a sub I think I would probably feel a little weird about leaving a note that insinuates the teacher isn't doing her job correctly. Maybe it's just me but the note felt accusatory like I didn't know what I was doing with my students.

While I was gone a student went through my supply tubs and glued a bunch of  googly eyes to a piece of card stock, then cut up a bunch of felt into itty bitty pieces which were left in a pile on my desk, another student told the sub that I feed them breakfast everyday and pointed her in the direction of my girls on the run snacks (cereal bars) which they happily ate several boxes of over the last couple of days! I just don't get it - why do subs listen to five year olds, if I let them go through supplies and create what ever they want and eat breakfast in my room don't you think I'd leave it in the plans. And I left "paperwork" because I wanted them to be busy the entire time so they wouldn't be roaming around doing whatever they wanted, I also left games but apparently they didn't like the ones I left! So glad it's Friday!!!!

I'm going to try and spend this weekend getting that homework done so that I can finally be free from that! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday!! Thanks for sticking with me even when I don't have a lot to post about!


  1. Sending prayers your way that everything turns out...good luck with job pursuit an house sale.


    Fun in Room 4B

    1. May God Bless you always, whatever you do and wherever you go! Hope your husband recover soon.

  2. Your post sounds like mine... I'm down in the dumps when it comes to blogging this week. Lazy? Maybe. Lack of motivation? Maybe. Too busy? Sure. But I do like blogging.....and I have been reading other people's blogs, just haven't been contributing to mine!
    About your sub...that's pretty balzy if you ask me. Do you know this sub? If not, I'd try not to have her again. I too leave more paper work... Sometimes that is just easier because we don't always know if a sub understands how to do the hands on stuff. So sure, the papers work easier!
    Patty Rutenbar

  3. Thanks Patti, it's good to know I'm not the only one :) Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Wow, what a note! I would be so livid if I found a note like that from a sub. How arrogant and inappropriate!

    Good luck with the job hunt! I am moving this summer, so I am looking, too. I forgot how daunting it was to get those resumes, applications, references, cover letters, etc. all ready to go. Bleh.


  5. If I got a note like that, I would see red! It sounds to me from all that you discovered that happened that the sub didn't exactly have much control! You know that your kiddos don't behave that way with you, so that should make you feel good.

    I'm praying for all of the new, exciting adventures you and your family have to look forward to.

    First Grade Magic

  6. As someone who was a sub not to long ago, I can tell you that the note you received was ABSURD! I would have NEVER left a note like that for a classroom teacher. Do not let that get you down...she was out of line. I hope you have a good weekend and feel better on week, fresh start!


    Pencils with Pizzazz

  7. OH MY GOODNESS!!! What a week you had! I hate having subs, I just get so nervous while I'm gone. There are so many things teachers establish with their students that a teacher could not possible inform a sub of everything, and it just can't all be replicated by a sub. I have a sub like 4 days between now and the end of April. Ahh!!! I'll be thinking about you during your job search! Good luck:)

    We are ALL Special!

  8. Oh, that's terrible! I used to sub, and I can't imagine ever writing a note like that. I agree with what someone else said, try not to get her again.
    The end of the year is so crazy busy, isn't it? And with your class work on top of that. Hopefully you are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

  9. Woah...others have said it, but let me say it again. That sub was out of line!! No sub can know what a classroom is like when s/he isn't there--only what it's like when s/he is. If she was having a hard time with them, that's on her! I would let your school secretary know that she should not be subbing in your building. If that's how it works in your school/district anyway. Our secretary will blacklist subs for us so they can't even accidentally be called to our school.

    I never realized where you live, I guess, because I am from Fort Wayne. Are you moving anywhere near there? I live in Seattle now, so I don't have any ins, but my mom is retiring from East Allen County Schools in NE Indiana in a month. Unfortunately, they are letting go of teachers every year. :( Remember when our country used to need teachers? A lot of people not in our line of work still think that's true and are shocked to find out how bad the job market in teaching is. I think it's helpful that you teach Special Ed, though. There are less people here, anyway, that are certified in Special Ed so it is a more coveted endorsement. I wish you so much luck!!xo

    Primarily Primary


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