What I did today...not school related!

I was shopping for some supplies I need for my Pinterest inspired Blog exchange gift today .... I love how my gift turned out, now I just have to get it in the mail!! I would like to show you pics of what I made but I want to let the recipient see it first :)

While shopping the craft aisle at Wal-mart I spotted this really cute yarn! I'd been looking for some green but wasn't happy with all the shades I'd found so far... so I grabbed it up and this is what I made with it...
Now I just need a little girl to give it too!!

I still didn't get any homework done, but I had fun, and I feel like I've accomplished something, agenda for tomorrow = homework, homework, homework, BLAHHHH!


  1. Those are precious! A great combination of colors!

    Going Nutty!


  2. I've been MIA - but wanted to say hello and I'm so glad your hubby's surgery went well. Tell him to TAKE IT EASY...even though he feels SO much better, he still needs to slow it down!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade


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