It's April....all ready???

I can't believe it's April know what that means, Farley's awesome linky I look forward to each  month!!! Here is what I am doing currently.........

I had an awesome Sunday with my family, and am soooo looking forward to this week of relaxing and getting some stuff done around here! Come back tomorrow for an awesome giveaway, I have so much to celebrate!!


  1. I feel like the entire state of Mich is on Spring break this week! I wish mine was this week, I think the weather will be way better! Enjoy!

    Ms. Rachel’s Room

  2. I know my family up north were on break last week! We never get to have the same break!!

  3. Thank you so much for the comment! Relax and enjoy your break! We had ours a few weeks ago and I kind of wish it were later so it would break up the upcoming months more. Besides one day for Good Friday we have no days off until the end-that's a looonnnggg stretch.


  4. Thank you for following my little blog and for telling me about yours. I love your blog.

    First Class Teacher


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