Some Fab Finds!

I was a little disappointed in my shopping trip yesterday but I did find a few things to use in the classroom! Check them out................

 summer scrapbook paper
 small paper lanterns, I got pink and green but
they had yellow and blue too!
 Cute Mary Engelbert Tins for spring,
can't wait to put my card games in them!!
 And these jumbo clothes pins came from Michaels dollar bins! I have been wanting to get these but wasn't going to pay 5 dollars for one, I'm going to use them to hold center signs or posters we are working on in our guided reading centers.


Today was another fun filled adventure trying to find my precious daughter a dress to wear on Easter!!

First of all my son drove, I defiantly thought it would be easier to ride with was stressful to say the least!! The worst part he loves to argue and every time I tried to give him a suggestion he said "that's not how I learned it" which got me going because you haven't learned anything yet, you've only drove twice!!

Please someone tell me it will get easier and everyone has a hard time at first, because the other parents at the driving class just kept saying everything was going great - no problems, and I was like "really"?????

Anyway I will be trying my best to be a calm, relaxed teacher in the future, we both left the car in tears :(

And let me tell you about my daughter!!! She is a tomboy if ever there was one!! She loves horses and we actually had an argument over the fact that she "likes her room to smell like horses, even the smell of manure is good"!! Seriously she said that to me!!!

She would be perfectly happy in her old ripped up jeans, t-shirt, and boots 24-7, she does not EVER want to wear a dress. Unfortunately there are times when she does need to dress it up a bit, like the day she was inducted into the National Honor Society, the note said "you must DRESS UP" she thought the black jeans, black T-shirt were dressy enough!!

Me I wanted to curl her hair, or at least put it up all cute, I offered to buy her new clothes, she could get anything she wanted, I'd take her to get her hair done, nails done, anything????? Nope nothing worked, she did end up wearing a pair of my dress pants and a dress shirt, but they were off within minutes afterwards.

So I've been working on her lately, just wear a dress to church on Easter for me pleeeeaaasssee, would you pleeeaassseee just give your momma one day - one morning of dressing up because I think you would actually like it if you tried it! I remember how cute you were when I could still pick out  your clothes, see look at those pictures, you loved it when I dolled you up like that.

Grumpy 13 year old her - finally said ok, I think she just wanted me to shut up really, but I didn't care, I was ecstatic!!  Once I was over the drive with her brother we headed into the mall and began the search! I knew it wasn't going to be something totally ruffly, no flowers, no sparkles, but it started to get a little ridiculous!

Three stores in she finally tells me she wants a skirt and shirt, ok I can live with that! How about this one??? Ok how about this??? No is must be long, like touch the floor long! Found a couple, which one does she want of course, BLACK!! OK, OK, we'll go with the black one! She actually tried it on, it's cute, let's find a shirt!

Again, no I don't like this, not that, not that either!! Guess what she wants, a BLACK t-shrit!!! UGGG, we finally settled on a black shirt with sparkly purple stripes, it's not what I was thinking but it's better than jeans and a plain old t-shirt!!

Lesson learned!! I know I've gotta let them be who they are and love them through it all, but it is hard letting them go - I know it's just beginning and this momma's got a long way to go!! Lord help me make it through these teenage years please!!

Hope your all enjoying your weekend!! Have I mentioned how glad I am that it's Spring Break???!!!!!


  1. Cute paper lanterns!
    I am having a Target gift card giveaway right now. Come check it out!

    Kindergarten Kel

  2. Oh, Amy! I feel your pain!! I have a new driver who is a boy and a 13 year old girl who has her own sense (?) of style! I love them both as is!! It does get easier...I have a 21 year old daughter, too! I was really happy when she could drive by herself...Hang in there!

    Owl Things First

  3. Lol.My older son still makes me nervous.I wont ride with him at all.Love your find.Where did you get the scrapbooking paper?It is cute.

    1. The paper is from Target, so are the lanterns, and tins!!
      Glad to hear it's not just me!!

  4. I love the clothes pins! Good luck with your children. I have a 14 month old who already has a mind of her own. I know I am in trouble. LOL
    Daisy Days for Learning

  5. Thanks for blogging about it! I love the lanterns!

  6. I was terrible to shop with when I was young. I didn't want anything trendy. It was pants and polos for me, although I dressed up for church at least. Anyway, I've turned out pretty good. My mom still can't buy clothes for me - sparkles and brightness aren't my thing. There's hope though! :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  7. Ah, teenagers. And driving and clothes. What could be more fun for moms?

  8. Oh boy... My son is 12 and my daughter is 11. I'm nervous about the day they want to drive me around! Ha ha! And your daughter sounds a lot like mine. She loves horses and is a total tomboy. She wears a dress for church, but that is it... Once when she was four, she tried to wear a cute skirt her aunt had given her and some flip-flops to pre-school. When I picked her up, she said the skirt was no good - she couldn't climb things at recess - and the flip flops were no good either because they kept falling off. LOL! :-)


  9. My daughter is a prissy tomboy, if there can be such a thing. She loves frills and sparkles, but she also loves digging in the dirt, making mud, etc... It would make her day if I let her play outside in one of her "fancy" dresses. lol

    I'm so glad you started following me. I'm your newest follower. I'll be searching site for ideas to help with my lab kids. I want to do what I can to help them while they are in my class.

    I'm just getting started and really have so much to learn about posting and uploading documents. My first try at uploading a document is something you might be interested in, if you don't already have them...vertical number lines. I got the idea off of a special ed site and made my own. I've got the link to google docs, but never could get the pic of the document to stay loaded. Anyway, pick up a copy if you like.

    Thanks for following me.

  10. I agree with your daughter - the smell of horses is awesome. I actually really like the smell of horse manure!! :)

    Congrats on finding her an Easter outfit! Sounds like quite an adventure!!

    Sooooo NOT looking forward to having a learning driver!!!

    Oh My Little Classity Class


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