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When I was in Kindergarten I told my mom that I wanted to be a teacher because teachers love everybody and take care of lots of kids! The biggest compliment I've ever gotten from a student was when a little guy who was having a very rough year told his mom "you know, no matter what I did the day before when I walk in each morning She still likes me" he was only in 2nd grade and I beamed when I heard his mom tell me the story. This is why I wanted to teach since I was young! Through blogging I've found a whole world of teachers who I know care about their students like I do mine, and who care about each other. Education may be a changing field that is little appreciated and teachers may be attacked on every side but our mission is still the  same - make a difference, for our students, our communities, our world! Nothing makes me feel better than being able to reach out to fellow teachers who I know feel just like me and help them when they need it most.....I know I could count on all of you if I was struggling and I want you to know that I am here to help in anyway I can!

On March 2nd 44 tornadoes hit across 5 states, many schools were affected, they need our help! Crystal from Kreative in Kinder is organizing an opportunity for us to reach out, maybe by sending supplies, donating your TPT or TN units, or sending letters of encouragement. If you can help in anyway please head over to her blog and link up! Lets show those affected how much we care, because we Teachers stick together and make a difference, for all students, and  for each other!

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  1. I would definitely like to help. My school was destroyed by a tornado on January 23 of this year, and I was so touched by how kind and giving everyone was and still is!

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