Easter Egg Match Ups, and a Memory game!

Four more days until Spring Break!! Monday is moving fast, today we played an egg matching game for Alphabet recognition, I saw the idea on TOADally Tot's Blog , I thought it was amazing and had to have one for my kiddos, so I used the letter stickers I found at Target and some eggs I had left over from last year to create this...

the chick has a letter on his belly that matches the letters on the egg

I also used the scrapbook paper and stickers from Target and Dollar tree to create a festive memory game, I cut the paper in circles with my circle cutter, put stickers on the back and laminated them! The kids loves the fun realistic stickers (from the dollar tree)!
Don't forget I still have a giveaway going on for the Easi-Speak USB recorder, it's fabulous you should enter if you haven't already!! Hope your all having a wonderful Monday!

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  1. This is such a great activity! Thanks for sharing!


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