Magnificient Monday!

Yeah I'm trying hard to be positive, while I wouldn't usually classify this as a magnificent day when I look at all I have every day is magnificent!! Here are a couple things I'm really loving today.......
My new sensory tub!! I got these cool water beads from the Dollar Tree, tongs, rubber duckies, and other little animal toys, the kids loved it!! They were amazed at the beads because they thought they were marbles then touched them and they were "squishy",  it's always so fun to see them explore something new!!

 Reading a book on the Android Tablet I recently got!! It's awesome too! Cheaper than the iPad and still tons of things you can do with it! This little guy was so excited because he could interact with the book, when you touch the picture it made the sound of the fire truck!

 This is a cool drawing app that lets them draw then play it back as a video! We practiced writing our names it was pretty cool!  I love technology and can't wait to get more to use in my classroom!

Girls on the Run started today! It was fun to meet all the girls and they did  a great job! It's going to be a good season!

Happy Monday all - 12 more days til Spring Break!


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  2. My kids would love the sensory tub! Too cute for spring!


  3. Girls on the run sounds like so much fun! There isn't a program in my area- did you start yours?

  4. No, It's actually a national program - we have a regional coordinator who originally contacted me about starting a team. I think you could start one though if you wanted, we just do team building activities and then train for a 5k at the end. I guess that would be the hardest part actually organizing a 5k and getting enough people out to support the girls, unless your in a bigger district than mine.

  5. busy lady!

    love these water bead things!

  6. Great blog! Glad to be following you now!

  7. Hi Amy, thanks for coming to visit my blog. I just became a follower on your blog. Can't wait to explore it.

  8. Hi Amy! Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm your newest follower. Can't wait to read more of your stuff! I love the sensory tub. Those water beads are the coolest!


  9. Hi, thanks so much for visiting my blog and following me. I LOVE your blog it is so adorable and you have so many great ideas. I just started following you too

  10. the android looks like so much fun! might have to get one :o)

    i awarded you the lovely blog award! come by and check it out :o)

  11. Thanks for visiting my blog! I love the new "toys" you got for your classroom. Looks like your kids are really enjoying them!


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