It's been a long week and things have not gone my way :(  I am really trying to stay positive and "let go" (my olw)! I am sick today, really sick, I haven't been this sick in years and I HATE IT!! I was working on a couple freebies when my computer crashed, fortunately most everything was recovered, but those files weren't so I can't share them with you today. Our roof is leaking it's going to cost $8000 to repair it! See the list just goes on and on!!! Don't even ask me how my students were this week....I think TGIF sums it up well except I wish I was enjoying my time now rather than lying here feeling like I'm half dead! Now it's time to "let it go"!!

Here's what I am thankful for...
At School
* My students are making some progress
* I have a job for the rest of this year
* It has been a really mild winter so running between buildings has not been that bad

At home
* I have two wonderful children and an amazing husband who are taking care of me :)
* I have a cozy bed and fluffy blankets to keep me warm
* My computer is working again ... I about lost it when it wasn't!

* Next weekend I get to meet all of you wonderful Michigan bloggers :) :) :) that really  makes me smile :)



  1. Sorry to hear this!! Glad you have some loyal caretakers. Can't wait for the meet up either!

    Apples and Papers

  2. So sorry things are not going well right now. I hope everything works out and you feel better soon. Until then, enjoy your warm and fluffy blankets!!

    ❤Mrs. McKown
    Little Literacy Learners

  3. I am sorry that things are kind of unsettled right now. You never know what is waiting for you and your family in the future.


    First Grade Magic

  4. As someone who left Michigan because I wanted to feel more secure in my job situation- I have to say- that leaving/moving didn't solve the problem. With the cuts, cuts and more cuts, it's hard to feel confident anywhere! (I sincerely hope that I didn't overstep by saying this- I just can relate to the feeling). Things get better! I hope they will for you soon!

  5. Thanks Julie, ultimately that is what has kept me here this long, I keep thinking every place has it's problems right? But I always wonder what it's like elsewhere, I guess it's the whole grass is greener thing. I really appreciate your comment!

  6. Oh yuck - I'm so sorry you've got so much on your plate. Can't wait to meet and have a good 'ol time!!!!

    Feel better!!!!!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  7. Feel Better!!!!

    Looking so forward to the bloggy meet up!!

    Ms. Rachel’s Room

  8. Amy, I have been thinking the exact same thing out here in Nevada! I just wish I could find a place where I don't have to worry from year to year. And I moved here from CA because I thought it would be better here! It's not. And they are more rigid in what you teach....meaning I have to follow a book. Wish I could find a place that "had it all!"

    Krazy About Kiddos

  9. Wishing you a better day tomorrow! The situation is much the same in AZ, we have also thought of relocating else where for more stability.

  10. Oh no fun! Things will start looking up!! I like your "let it go" attitude =).


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