Crazy Days!! and a Freebie!

Here's how we celebrated Valentine's Day......
 Using stamps to create patterns on sentence strips
 that turned into these adorable hats!
 playing in the pink rice bin, and a game of bingo!
and some sweet treats...

this was just in my room, they also went back to their "real" classrooms for the parties there all of that equals a super sugar high!

This is also spirit week so we are dressing up everyday, today fake injury day!!! They were scared, really scared, crying, trying to make sense of why everyone in the building was bandaged up and black eyed! I try to explain it to them and but they just didn't get it!! Fake Injury day is not for Kindergarteners!!! UGGG!

On a better note, I am really working on letters and sounds, I created these cards with a picture for each letter, we go through them everyday before we start group, I touch the picture they say the sound twice "a-a" then I point to the letter and they say the letter name "A" etc.  It's been a really good thing so far, and great way to review each morning without taking up a ton of time, I bend the cards at the middle so they can stand up too if I want the kids to be able to have them in front of them they stand right no the table!
Letter Sound Cards
Tomorrows gotta be better, right??? We will see!



  1. Thanks for following my blog. I am following you as well. Your blog is wonderful!

  2. Love the hats! Love your ideas! Fake injury day sounds awful! Too many real injuries in the worlds of our kiddos!
    An Open Door

  3. Thank you Amy for the freebie.Looks like the kids are having fun playing bingo.

  4. Thanks for the freebie. I printed them off this morning and got them ready to use with one of my little darlings this afternoon. These are prefect for him


  5. You won my giveaway! You won the bracelet. Can you drop me an email with your address? Honestly it probably won't get into the mail until Tuesday with the holiday.


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