Currently...I'm a little late for the party!!

Ok, so life has been all kinds of crazy around here! I feel like I've fell right out of blogland for awhile! I've been keeping up with all of you I've just had little time or inspiration to post over the past few weeks.

We've been trying to sell our house which means keeping it clean (did I mention the hubbs is still home on leave because of his surgery) which is kind of difficult when someone is home making messes all the time!!!

On top of that I'm trying to wrap up the year with my students!! Field trips, track and field day, IEP's, Parent Teacher Conference, end of the year awards ceremonies, spring musical, crazy schedules, and transition plans. All of it's so much more overwhelming now that I'm juggling two buildings!!

Anyway I hope you all understand my absence and know I'll be back with something creative as soon as I can!

Here is what I am doing Currently...
Anybody know what Adam 12 is??? My daughter has fallen in love with the Retro channel and it's driving me crazy, I like to watch my shows in color - and I don't want to know their next move before they ever make it - it all just seems so fake!!! My daughter says Duh mom it's TV!!

My Pagent title is one I don't normally earn but it's been necessary in the last few weeks, waiting for the house to sell (even if it looks lived in), and waiting to make plans for next year - I don't know if I could handle it if I didn't just decide to leave it up to God and let it go! I am doing the best I can to make things happen and the rest is up to him!

Thanks for stopping by, hopefully I'll be back soon, in the mean time I hope your all having a great May!


  1. Good luck with the house selling and the interviewing, Amy! Some school is going to be SO lucky to have you on board!!!


  2. Adam 12...that is hilarious!!
    Hope your house sells soon and that you get some calls!!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  3. I'm with you on the job hunt! Ive had many self doubts! Good luck on that and your house!

  4. I've never heard of Adam 12...I'll have to ask my students at school tomorrow;) Good luck with the job interviews! I know how stressful it is; I'm going through the same thing right now, so I'm thinking of you! Like Kara said, there is a school that will be sooo lucky to have you!

    We are ALL Special!


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