It' time for some PIE!

Yep, I've been serving up PIE to my students without the sugar rush! We've been learning about author's purpose! Does the author want to persuade you, inform you, or entertain you? Hmmmm....maybe I can do all three?? Don't worry I didn't get that complicated with the kiddos just yet!! Here's what we've been up to!

First I got these wonderful posters from Third Grade is a Hoot! and used them to introduce the concept of PIE to my students!

Then we used these wonderful cards I got from Love 2 Teach 2 to do a PIE sort. It's part of a wonderful unit she has on her blog for free!
I prepared the cards and three pie tins, one had a P in the bottom, one had the I, the other the E. Each card has a picture of a text on it and the student had to use the picture to determine the author's purpose. We took turns bringing the cards up and placing them in the correct pan and explaining why it went in that particular pan.

I got this great game from Debbie's Dabblings. It has different cards, all about Thanksgiving and the students decide what the author's purpose is, if they are correct they advance to the next slice of PIE on the game board! (Sorry it's upside down)

We used these PIE cards to vote for what we thought the author's purpose was. I read aloud short texts, students choose the purpose they believed was correct and held up that letter! It's just three strips of card-stock held together with a brad and labeled P, I, E. Here's a freebie so you can make them if you like!

Finally, we used these graphic organizers to record information about the books we were reading this week..
It's free from Fourth and Ten!

I hope to share some new ideas on math tomorrow! We are finally getting division!! Can't wait to share with you how it's going!! Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. What wonderful ideas! I just covered Author's Purpose is as easy as P.I.E. with my students and they absolutely loved it!
    I really like your idea of the PIE card strips stuck together with the brad - we did a similar activity using white boards, but I think I'll do it again as a review in a couple of weeks.

    Joy in the Journey

  2. Your PIE lesson sounds like a way to help this concept really get cemented in the kids' heads! I bet barely any of them will forget it now!

  3. Wow!! Thank you for all the links for covering author's purpose! This is wonderful:)
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  4. Love this! I am utilizing this with my students that did not score as well as I had hoped on our weekly assessment on Author's Purpose. Perfect intervention tool.


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