Fact and Opinon Activites for Christmas! *FREEBIES*

We've been working on Fact vs. Opinion during 2nd grade groups. I started out with an anchor chart and foldable activity that I loved (I picked it up on TPT from Amber Polk - Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher). We talked about what a fact is and what an opinion is and sorted the words that are associated with each, then we made these foldables, on the outside the kids wrote the definition for fact and opinion and inside they wrote two examples of their own!
Next we did a sticky note sort. I placed sticky notes with fun facts and  opinions on them throughout the room. I made a quick T-chart for fact opinion and then students got to hunt for sticky notes, bring them back and place them in the correct column. They were instructed to find two sticky notes each! They loved the "hunt" aspect of this activity and it really got them engaged.

I decided to make some nice cards for this activity that could be used in the same way! The first Freebie I have for you is the sort. It has the two header cards that can be placed in a pocket chart or on your T-chart and 30 fact opinion phrases to have the students sort. I also added a cut and paste activity for independent work! Hope you can use this!!

I thought we had a good understanding of fact opinion so I decided to have the kids start working more independently.  I created cards that had a word and picture on the front, gave each student one and they had to write one fact and one opinion about that topic on the back. I gave them three minutes to do this. Then they switched cards with the person on their left and they added to the card another fact and opinion. We kept going for several rounds until I noticed they didn't have a lot to add! Again this activity go them engaged they loved passing the cards on! So here are the cards for you to use if you like!


  1. Unbelievable, I'm teaching FACT/OPINION this week too. Your freebies are adorable and will really come in handy. Thanks!! Merry Christmas!

  2. THANK YOU, Amy!!!! Merry Christmas! Stop by anytime!

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  4. Thank you for the gift! This adorable activity. I will be able to use this with several of my speech-language groups this next week.

  5. These are beautifully done. They are an amazing resource. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing with us!

  6. What a wonderful idea - thanks for sharing!

    Joy in the Journey


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