Snow, Snow, and more Snow!

Well I should be at school teaching away, but I'm not! I'm still home, relaxing, planning, cleaning, going stir crazy!! We were suppose to go back Monday but the big winter storm hit and we've had two extra days added to our break! It's been fun but now that I've been out of the classroom for 17 days I'm ready to get back and start putting all the stuff I've been working on to good use.

The extra days did give me time to update some products and I'm happy to share with you the newly updated Valentine's Fluency Practice Pack!

I'm so excited about this, and decided in honor of the snow days to offer it to all of you for just $1.00 for the rest of today! Click on the preview above to head on over to my store. Pick this up for a great price, and get ready for some Valentine Fluency Fun!

Hope you are all staying safe and warm! Thanks for Reading.


  1. I LOVE these packs. Thank you so much for offering it at such a great price! Have already downloaded and am excited to use it with my class.

  2. Oh, these look really great! Thanks for sharing.

    Always Adapting


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