Off to a Great Start!

We are 18 days into the school year and so much is going on, I haven't had time to share so this is going to be a long post.

We've started our interactive notebooks for reading and math.
We learned about meta-cognition, using Tanny McGregor's lessons from her book. We created this poster together, and then added the page to our notebooks.

We've added a few more pages last week, schema, inferenceing, and questioning have all been added. I love how they kids are sharing their thoughts and everything is in one place for them to reference later on.

Math Journals are just as great. We've been working on telling time...
We are using Blair Turner's Math Notebooks for 2nd grade. They are wonderful, I love all the options and that every standard is covered.

We started spelling - I loved how the ladies at Second Story Window did spelling so I am using their "chunk spelling" routine.
I made these spelling journals to record our words. I bought small legal pads and then bound them so they would be able to flip through the pages. I used colored card stock for the front, and made the label, you can get HERE free. I printed these two per page to make them the right size for the smaller notebooks.

We used these sound cards, and chunk strips to create a list of words within a word family. Then choose ten words to be our spelling words for the week.
We are storing the journals in the word work area for students to practice their words when they are there.

We are also doing Words Their Way, word sorts are really helping them with their word reading and spelling skills.
You can also read more about this on Second Story Window's Blog! I love the weekly set up!

Daily 5 is up and running! We have not started listen to reading because I don't have the right equipment for it but hopefully will soon. love seeing all the learning going on!
Read to self!

Read to someone!

Work on Writing!
Work on Words.

It is amazing to see a group of students working so hard, and learning so much while you teach a small group. I LOVE it! They continue to amaze me with all the hard work they are doing. We practiced a lot so exceptions are well known, and we stop and practice again when we need to. It took some time but I am so happy with the way my literacy block is running now. 

Now if I could just get my math block running this smoothly things would be great! I am hoping to revise my math block a little more and blog about that soon.

It has been a busy but wonderful three weeks. I love my sweet second graders and we've gotten into a good routine now. I hope you are all having a great start to your year as well. Thanks for reading!
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  1. Busy, busy, busy! I love teaching the small groups too. That and writing conferences is where I feel like I get to really know a student and form a rapport with them. It's also where they grow the quickest academically.


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