Fab Finds Friday!

I got some more great deals this week and have been working on some projects I've found here in blogland (crate seats, round labels for everything, customized binders on Zazzle) I'm excited to share what I've found!

I got this electric pencil sharper on sale for  2.50, regular price 19.99! It works wonderful - my kids tried it out on all their new school pencils!!

and the ink for my computer to print all my wonderful freebies and round labels on sale a target as well!

$32.00 - that's a $20 savings for me!!

Check out what everyone else is getting here!


  1. HA! I purchased the same pencil sharpener. Unfortunately the blade rotates in the other direction (NOT the sharpening direction)! LOL I'm not sure if I just ended up with a defective sharpener or what, so I'm sending it up to our High School Physics/Science teacher to see if they can challenge his kids to fix it.

  2. Do you like your lexmark printer?? mine completely traumatized me!


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