Ogranizing, Organizing!

Since I'm moving from the Elementary to the High School I had to bring all my little kid stuff home. My basement is a complete mess with all my stuff just piled in there so I've been trying to organize it in a way that will be usable if I want to take some of it in and use it with the older kids.

Supplies can defiantly be used in my new room and I've been making lots of new labels for them! Here is a preview of all the stuff I've been doing this week!

I have 6 of these smaller 5 drawer units, they have office supplies and craft supplies in them, the kids don't access them so I didn't need  pictures on the labels,  I used some of my blank labels from VistaPrint to give them a make over! (photo above = before)
The green labels are after! They look much better in person!
 I have 18 of the three drawer units to hold community supplies a lot of these are accessed by students so I wanted to add pictures for easy reference for my struggling readers (Above = before, Below = After)

 I have 5 narrow three drawer units (bigger drawers then the supply drawers) and they hold all my math "stuff" I labeled each draw with a concept from the common core standards! Loving the round labels!!
I've done the same thing with reading, one drawer for each component of reading (Big 5) 

My Center activities are stored in plastic shoe boxes inside cardboard cubbies (got this idea from the sisters  Daily 5/Cafe) I have a set for indpendant reading activities, and one for math activities.

Also using the round labels here and adding pictures for the kids to reference!
this is what they looked like before, random shapes, picture with description
here they are now with beautiful new labels!

Blue 3 drawer units hold various graphic organizers labeled by the strategy that they correspond to
New bins for the word work/writing center, one for notebooks the other for word cans that hold the individual words students practice (they each have different words since I teach special education)
I made some of the white board holders I've see around blogland (Like here http://ladybugsteacherfiles.blogspot.com/2011/01/diy-dry-erase-storage.html)
And finally I made some Crate Seats (first seen here http://theboutons.blogspot.com/2010/09/crate-seats.html) of my own! I am storing my books on CD inside them and rotating them out by theme each month! I added a cute ribbon to each one, don't know how long that will hold up!

So as you can see, I've been really busy and disappointed that I won't be using many of my things this year! But still making them because I will use them again someday!


  1. Wow! I love all the things you made. I am sad that you won't get to use them. I know you put a lot of effort and time and love into each one! You are such a positive person!

  2. Thanks Pam! I appreciate such a nice comment:)


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