Happy Birthday!

Today is my daughters 13th Birthday!

Here she is with her new poster for her bedroom door! She loves horses, so I threw this in with my last Vista Print order for school ...She was so excited!

I can't believe I am officially a mother of TWO teenagers!! So I was thinking about birthday celebrations in the classroom! In the past I have done a variety of things to celebrate including singing, making class books, cards, stories, and treats. Since I am moving to high school I ordered cards from Vista Print and have decided to include a $5.00 gift card to Subway in them (I only have 10 Students) - I am sure high school students aren't use to celebrating their birthdays at school but I thought it would be a special treat! Everyone wants to feel special on their birthday right! SO..what do you to to celebrate birthdays in your classroom? I would love to see all your ideas!

Biggest Addict


  1. Before school starts I made a birthday bag for each child. See my post at An Open Door for details.

    On each birthday, I have the children sit in a circle and every child gives the birthday child a compliment.
    An Open Door

  2. In the past I have done a birthday crown and pencil. This year I am doing away with my treasure box so I'm going to use those things to let them pick out a little something for their birthday. It's little things I have found in Target dollar spot or unopened McDonald's toys and stuff like that.

  3. Usually I have the class either make a giant card during interactive writing time or individual cards during independent writing. We sing of course, but I keep it simple.

    Happy Birthday to your daughter! My youngest daughter also turned 13 this year...I am now the mother of three teenagers! Very humbling. :)


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