Busy Weekend.....Mini Vacation!

I had a wonderful long weekend with my family! We visited the Zoo, 

 (someone tossed the monkey a Frisbee he was having a lot of fun trying to figure it out)

played in the hotel pool, and did our back to school clothes shopping for the kiddos! They are all ready for school, and anxious to get back even though we don't start until September 6th.  We got some great deals thanks to Kohls Cash and Old Navy Bucks! Then we headed home and had some time to spend getting the house in order (boy did it need it!) and working on projects!! Here's what I've been busy doing for the last couple of days!
I made these
 Polka dot trays from the dollar tree and round stickers from the target dollar spot, now I just have to collect the clear lids from our water bottles!

And I just had to make some of these found here 
 My Version - Still Drying

(I had the rocks at home from another project, and the stickers are from the teacher center $1.99!)

 I also loved this idea found here http://fairydustteaching.blogspot.com/2011/06/easy-abc-set.html

So I made this 

I got the tray at the dollar tree, it had a paint by number in the bottom of it, I spray painted it green then modge podged some cute paper over the bottom. I got the round disks at hobby lobby $2.49 for 30 of them and the round stickers are from the dollar spot at target - those are modge podged on as well.
another inspiration from here 
I made this one 
Using printed Duck Tape - so easy and I think my older students will love it!

And made this one
I used project poppers sticky note border and a piece of poster board both from the dollar tree, I drew the palm tree free hand and colored it with my project popper markers!

Bought these at the Target Dollar Spot along with some alphabet stickers and made these (I made number ones too)

So you can see I've been busy and enjoying time with my family!! 

Also I won a great giveaway this weekend I am so excited!!
I got $30 to spend at Hue 529, it's a great online store and I've ordered a personalized canvas,
can't wait to get it and share pics with you all! 
Go on over and check out all the other great personalized things Megan has to offer!

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