Great Day!!

I am finally feeling like I'm getting in a routine! So I've got a couple of things to share with all of you!!

First some pics of my new space - I just use a portion of the room and it is open to everyone for use throughout the day, I have an "office" area for my things and a couple bulletin boards. I don't have a space at the high school so this is where I spend most of my time planning and doing paperwork - it's actually kind of cozy now that I'm settling in!! Here are the pics.........
My "office" area
Storage for all my supplies - love love love it!
Concepts we've been working on (Color's and Shapes)
The Two boards we're using for various activiites
Color and shape match up in pocket charts
Building our names

Last week when we started working on colors. I was so excited to get to bring in Pete the cat and My kinders LOVED the books (I love my White shoes, and Rocking in my school shoes)!!! I was so excited this morning when one little boy who is really struggling finished his work and I let him look at the book, I heard him singing I love my blue shoes, I love my blue shoes!! Another little girl picked up on it and started singing we're workin in our school shoes!!! They all joined in and it was so cute!! Not only that but they started naming colors and things we do at school so they are learning these things that they have struggled so much with - I was almost in tears it was so wonderful! They loved making their own pages in our class Pete the cat class book today and were creative about what he had stepped in!

I love being a teacher - days like these make me remember why I'm here doing this job!!
They also really love to hold Pete, it's a reward and has helped a few be able to stay in their spot while I read, they anxiously await their turn to hold him - even  if it's just for one page of the book!


  1. Amy, did you have little cubbies in your room and then did you add the three drawer containers to organize everything? Or was the whole thing purchased as a unit? Love it! & I have the same magnetic zebra marker boards!

  2. Melissa, the "cubbies" they are in are actually closet organizers I bought in the hardware section at Walmart, the three drawer units fit perfectly inside them. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Can you share how you put the "Pete the Cat" class book together? Pics? Blacklines?

  4. I'm new at blogging so I forgot to tell you my name and give you my emaill address. My name is Rachel and my email address is
    Thanks so much!


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