Stop the madness!!

Ok, so now that I've moved classrooms - have no space at school for my things - and am teaching multiple grade levels things are a bit crazy in my basement.

I started working with Kindergarten on Monday and quickly made a list  of all the things I know I have and want to use, rummaged through drawers and boxes to get them and ran off for the rest of the week.

All the stuff that I just brought home from my high school classroom got dumped where ever it would fit and I've been pulling from those boxes for my 9th grade English class as well. Needless to say my basement is a complete mess!!!

This is so embarrassing and the only reason why I'm going to share these pics is because I know all my blogging friends will give me the encouragement I need to get going and get things cleaned up!!

I am usually ubber organized but things have been a little (no - a lot) crazy here the last couple weeks. I can't stand having my things piled up like this! Besides I will have some wonderful after pics. to share in the near future that will redeem me in the end! So here goes.............

OK so it's also overflowing into my living room which I've been using as a work room this week! But now that I've posted I'm getting to work!! I can't wait to show you what it looks like when it's done!


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