Therapeutic Thursday!

Well this Thursday has not been very therapeutic!! We had open house/back to school night tonight! I'm just getting home and I'm so tired and my feet hurt! I'm defiantly ready for some comfort!! For me that means
Chocolate!! Lots of Chocolate!!
Some good ol Dr. Pepper!!!!

Comfort TV!!

I know, I know I should get some healthier habits!! As I was driving home the weather was just beautiful, not to hot, but still sunny and a tinge of fall in the air. I was thinking how it would be nice to start taking some evening walks with my family. 

Another thing I notice as I'm getting older is that I need good food to make it through the day! I use to go all day without eating when I got busy but these days I am ex-haus-ted if I don't have lunch it's even worse!! So I'm working on healthier choices and can't wait to see all your ideas!! 

If you want to see how others relax after a long day with the kiddos head on over to Blog Hoppin for the link up!!!
Tomorrow's Friday friends!! Stay tuned for Freebies!!


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