Story Seqence and Making Connections! We've been busy!!

Here's a few of the things we've worked on in reading over the past couple weeks. First I have a group of second graders for half an hour a day, we are working on story sequence. We read this brand new book...
as you can see we used the pocket chart to put the events into sequential order! Then we completed the sequencing worksheet I got from Sharing Kindergarten!

Today we looked at sequence using a wordless book! Or almost wordless anyway. I took apart a copy of Goodnight Gorilla and gave each student a page, they had to work together to put the book back in order. It was a lot of fun and they did a great job!
They then wrote a sentence for each of the headings, First, Then, Next, Last to show what happened in the story!
I created this poster to use with the activity......
We read aloud this wordless book in guided reading groups.......
I love the pictures! We added our own words to create a first, then, next and last for this book too! We used these folders to record our own thinking.
I created the headings for this as well as some graphic organizers you might want to use!

My sixth graders are moving ahead with the Comprehension Connections book I've blogged about. We worked on making connections. Here's our anchor chart using our scheme as a background we added connections to self, text, and world.
Making connections was the most difficult concept so far so we spent a couple of extra days working on it. I made this poster to help us organize our connections and we practiced one type (text-self) (text-text) (text-world) each day.
Once I was confident they had the concept they used these folders and read in pairs recording their connections.
Here are the labels to make this folder as well as a graphic organizer for making connections!
 My fifth graders are working on text features, we've done a fun project I can't wait to post about! I have parent teacher conferences tomorrow!! I know already!! This year is flying by. Happy Wednesday everyone!


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