A Bright Idea For Using Sticky Notes!

I am back to share another Bright Idea with you!

What teacher does not like collecting all the fun sticky notes they see in stores these day?. You can get them in so many shapes and sizes, different seasons and holidays, and some are just too fun to pass up!! Here's a few of the sticky notes I have on hand right now....
See, so many cute designs!! My students love recording their thinking on these adorable notes, I love adding new ones during different seasons, they just get so happy to see them.

I started thinking of other ways I could use them because they are so cute and seasonal. I found that they work great for making simple activities and games. So here's how I've used them in my classroom....

I write sight words on them, then add a few with a different phrase such as "snowball fight" or "Ho, ho, ho". I laminate them, put them in a container, and students take turns drawing them out. If they get a word they read it and keep it, if they can't read it the card goes back in the container. If they draw the special phrase they get to do an activity - "snowball fight" meant they got to have a small paper snowball fight, it only lasts a few seconds then they are back to work - "Ho, ho, ho" just meant they were the winner, they got a small treat and everyone returned the cards to start again. You can make the special phrases mean anything you like. I have some that just say "wiggle" and it means everyone stands up and wiggles for ten seconds then they sit down and start again! My kids love these games, and they are soooo simple to make for every season!

I've used some of the sticky notes to write math problems on placed them around the room. Students travel around looking for them and solve them as they go! I do laminate them and they last a long time! Again, super easy and fun!!

They also work great for adding and subtracting. I've found these notes that match my manipulatives perfectly. I simple wrote problems on them, laminated and put them in the math center. Students can use the cards and manipulative to solve the problems!

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Thinking Out Loud

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  1. CUTE idea! I LOVE the spiders. I am going to start checking out the Dollar Spot at Target. They always reduce their items to next to nothing after the holidays. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Cute ideas! The math problems with various things (like the spiders!) would make a really easy center when I'm behind on planning and prepping. ;)

  3. I think to solve the math problem spiders idea is one of the best ways to explain to students to solve their math problem and will have a lot of fun.school stationery


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