Fab Find Makes Fab Impromptu Center today!

Last night as my husband and I were in Dollar General picking up a few things that we were out of at home, I noticed they had a little section of teacher materials that were all marked 50% off. They had these sequencing puzzles for just 50 cents each!
 I thought theses would make great story starters so today I made a quick center for my first graders!
 They each chose a puzzle, put it together, then wrote a three sentence paragraph using the transition words, first, next, then.

 They really loved it and I was so excited by the writing they did!
 First put it in the washer, next dry it, next fold it.
 This was cracked me up!! Then mix the muffins. Then it was ready. Then it was a muffin. So funny!!
 First you put seeds on it and then you water next the sun comes out and then the flower comes out! Great writing from my little ones!!
 The caterpillar eats green leaves.  Then he gets in the bag and then he turns into a butterfly! Love it!!
First take the toothbrush then he put toothpaste then he brushes his teeth.

I was so excited about all the writing they did! My fifty cents was very well spent!
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  1. These are great! I will have to check out my Dollar General!

  2. Great idea! I just love finding things like that. Thanks for sharing!



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