Saturday Shopping Spree!!!

I had a wonderful day with my family, and found some fabulous things for my classroom as well, does it get better than that? LOL!! We got out of school kind of late this year (June 13 for teachers) and moved the day after, it was crazy busy and I really didn't think I would be excited about seeing school supplies the weekend after the fourth this year, but when I walked into Target and Walmart I still got that giddy feeling and started loading up my cart! My husband calls this the most dangerous time of year!! Stores are stocked with teacher goodies and I have lots of time on my hands while he still works, it can get ugly on the pocket book!!

Our Target had just started filling the dollar bins with the cutest teachery things! Paper trays in bright colors with handprints, stars, and chalkboard prints, matching buckets and bins, pocket charts and star student chair covers, stickers, awards, and baskets. BUT all the summer stuff was 70% off, that's 30 cents each - so here is what I picked up........

 These are coupon organizers, I am not sure how I will use them but for 30 cents each, and in my theme colors I couldn't pass them up, I know they will come in handy at some point.

These say cosmetic bags but I will use them to store center materials!
 super cute ribbon
 Little Miss Princess stuff for my niece who is "Little Miss Bloomingdale" right now - she won the town "little miss" pageant and is adorable!!

 These are really cool clips that you can put on your pencil, they will be great rewards for reaching outstanding on the clip chart, three in a pack for a dollar, my own kids want them. When I went into Walmart they had them to for 88 cents a pack. (these were not 70% off)

Ink pads for stamping, again 30 cents each!

I stopped at Dollar Tree and picked up these cute pencil holders, I didn't get anything else because the store was packed and my family was getting tired of shopping with me, but they had several aisles of school stuff and containers that I defiantly want to get back there to get.

Last stop Walmart where they had 88 cent deals in the middle of the aisles  all through the store as well as their school supplies out they had 17 cent spiral notebooks and 40 cent composition notebooks, 25 pack of 2 glue sticks and crayola crayons 16 count. Here's what I got there for 88 cents each.......
 pencil notepad and apple sticky notes, I'm going to use them to create a center game!

 decorative tape, they had lots of cute designs including monsters and food!

 cute file folders, 3 per pack!!

 sentence strips 30 pack 

 and double sided lined white boards!

I also got these black table covers to use on my bulletin boards (they are plastic not fabric!!) for 50 cents each on clearance in the party supplies section.

Last but not least, I won some awesome giveaways last week one of them was a 25 dollar Amazon gift card from Stacey at 3rd Grade Times,



  1. Wow! I think I got just as excited as you did as I read about $.30 deals at Target! I will be making a trip there very soon now!

  2. Wow! You definitely got some great deals. Our Target always seems to be the last one to get teacher supplies in the dollar spot unfortunately. I'm going to have to check Walmart out though. I love that decorative tape! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  3. Wow! You hit the motherload. Great deals! I'm going to check ours tomorrow. Thanks for sharing your finds.

  4. I started using plastic tablecloths on my bulletin boards. they work great. They don't fade and I was lucky last year, when I was doing my big bulletin board the static electricity held it to the board while I was stapling it. ;D

    It looks like you had a very productive shopping trip!

    Kelly @ I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  5. Looks like you got a lot of great stuff! My boyfriend is already stressed out about this back to school shopping I'm about to do. lol.

  6. I use the coupon organizers for sorting activities for my students. For example I will put letters on the tabs and have students sort pictures by what they start with. I also have some that are category sorting.

  7. I was just at Target this morning for their 70% off items--had way too much fun! You got some great finds! Just found your blog from the Fabulous Find linky party and am your newest follower!

    The REAL Teachers of Orange County

  8. Man, you found a ton of great deals! Thanks for linking up!

  9. Wow, you found some great stuff! It's making me want to head over to Target! =)

    The Resource Room Teacher


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