I knew this would happen.........

It is winter in Michigan, but until recently you could hardly tell! It's been relatively warm (40's) for most of the season more rain than snow, when it has snowed it didn't stick around more than a day or two and during those days I was at home snuggled under the blankets enjoying snow days! Tuesday we had a two hour fog delay, and Wednesday we finally had a full day - it rained and all the snow we had was melted! Then today I wake up to this......
 and we DID NOT have a snow day!! NO I had to go out and scrap the ice and 4 inches of snow off my car, I had to dig my way out of the driveway, and I had to drive 25 mph all the way to work not knowing if I was even in the right lane! 

I know I know it's winter in Michigan I gotta expect this! There's probably going to be many more days like this that I am going to have to go to work anyway, and I need to be thankful that it's been mild thus far, but right now I'm cold, I'm glad I'm home, and I'm hoping for a snow day tomorrow! How's your weather? Hope it's been better than mine!



  1. Yikes! Driving in the snow is scary, I clench the steering wheel! Glad you're home safe :)

    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  2. hehehe, I had a snow day today and yesterday!

  3. We've had a mild winter 'til now in New England. We've had a couple of delays recently, which has been lovely! Sorry you had to go in that mess today, scary!

  4. Hope your weather gets better..all we have had is rain! =)
    First Grade Blue Skies

  5. All of my blogging friends up North make me so glad I live in the South! :) I hope the winter doesn't get too bad!

    Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher

  6. Oh my goodness! I would be terrified to drive in that much snow! I had to do it once and thought for sure that my number was up. Be careful!

    First Grade Magic

  7. It's a rainy mess here. The playground is a big mushy puddle.
    Forever in First

  8. We had snow for a few hours yesterday. And it's rained for over 24 hours. Our little town is in flood state. Our playground was a lake. Inside recess all day. Delightful.

    I grew up in Southeast Idaho and really don't mind driving in the snow. We had a really good snow year last year. This year has been crappy for snow. I'd love a great snowstorm even though we'll never get a snow day! In 17 years, we've had 2. :)

    Oh My Little Classity Class

  9. Where do you live in Michigan? I grew up in the Upper Michigan. Little old town of White Pine near Lake Superior. Enjoy the snow! It is freezing here in Wisconsin!!! Amber

  10. We had a bunch of snow today and got out early. YEA! I'm from Iowa and can't really complain about the snow since our winter has been so mild. But I do anyway! Didn't have to use a 1/2 sick day for an appointment. I don't teach in the same town as where I live, so I have about a 25 minute drive. Thank goodness the plows were out and about!! Do you get a lake effect?

    Be safe

  11. We've had "real" winter for the last week...below zero, ice and 12 inches of snow. I guess I'd gotten a little spoiled with the warm weather. We haven't had a snow day in over 20 some years.

    2B Honey Bunch
    The Best Endings

  12. Wow - I could not handle that. It gets into the 30's here and we all think we'll die! But it is beautiful!! I love your blog and thanks for entering my giveaway Amy!

    ­Kindergarten Lifestyle


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