More Organization...

I have been trying really hard to get all the paper work for both my classes organized, being between buildings with no permanent space in the one building and an "office" space in the other has made this tricky! Here are a few of the things I'm doing to organize it all...

Paper Trays for Completed work that needs to be graded or
go back to students
from the target dollar spot will hold work for each class I teach, I got this great idea for labels with clothes pins so they can be clipped on and moved if needed form the Clutter Free Classroom Project, I totally loved her idea for containers used to de-clutter and adapted that to come up with these...

File Boxes for holding group plans/Weekly materials
books we are reading, and all materials for the week for each class/group I teach - I found when planning for a sub that has to go between buildings it's difficult to leave stuff they have to carry back and forth, this way I can put it all in the box, they take it with them, and leave in in the other room when they are done - I'll pick it up the next day! I love the design on these and was excited to get matching paper trays (above), except they only had 3 and I needed 4 :( I'm still searching targets for one more in the pink/black/white print!

And my favorite...filetastic with matching file folders!
 I got this from Mardel's for 8.99 they have lots of cool colors check them out here I am using these folders to hold important paper work that needs to be filed, copied, sent home, ect.
The file folders are from target, again I'm loving the pink/black/white theme coming together!!!

One more thing...
 If your from Michigan we're planning a meet up send me an email at to get in on all the fun, if your not from Michigan and want to join us your invited too! I plan of having the details worked out sometime this week so if you could get me your information as soon as possible I would appreciate it!


  1. I AM OBSESSED!!!!!!!!!!!! Love how it all coordinates!!!

  2. everything looks soooo pretty...<3
    thanks for your comment-i am your newest follower!

  3. I love how you organized your room and I'll bet your students do, too!


  4. Hi Amy!

    Thanks for joining my blog! Yours looks great! You look so organized! I can't wait to browse your blog!



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