Favorite Christmas Books...Freebie!

I absolutly LOVE Christmas, and Books so this is a great post for me to be able to write!! I set up my Christmas books today, the kids were so excited as they walked into the room and saw the display. They were itching to get over there and have a look at all the new books I'd put out!
 I gave them some extra time to browse, and shared a few of my favorites with them! Here they are....

I love this last book because it makes the kids think about more than Santa and gifts. I made a little freebie to go with it and hope you can use it - it really is a great book and has inspired me to write some poetry that I have actually had published!

Can't wait to see everyone else's favorites for Christmas!

Christmas Week



  1. I will have to take a look at these books! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for the printable and for sharing your favorite books. I love how your blog is so festive!


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