Wednesday Wars!

It's Wednesday, that means we are half way through the week and I have grad class tonight :( I am feeling the burnout ......taking classes + working full time + raising 2 kids is getting old. I've been going to school since my kids started school - they are in 8th and 9th grades this year!!

I thought I was done with my Masters degree this summer, got the letter that I had passed exams and anxiously awaited the diploma in the mail. To my dismay the great state of Michigan has added two new requirements to my degree and no one is grand fathered in!! So now I have to take two more classes! I am so ready to be done!!

Today's freebie is a winter activity. My kindergartners are really struggling so I haven't introduced more than one concept at a time. First we worked on shapes, then colors, numbers, and counting. I plan on adding letters to the mix in December or January so this should be perfect for them by then!

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  1. What are you getting your masters in? admin? I know my program recently changed because of Michigan's new laws, I'm glad Im only at the beginning!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yeah it's Admin! Where are you taking classes? I hope I make it through these two, School business finance does not sound fun!!

  3. I'm taking classes at GVSU - how bout you?

  4. WMU! Are you going into Admin as well?


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