Native American Day!

 It was Native American Day in Kindergarten!! I had a wonderful time helping out with their celebration. We set up stations in each teacher's room - one made head dresses with patterns on them, on did face painting and made pattern shell necklaces, another did fishing for fall words - complete with a drying rack to hand the fish on, the intern decided to take the kids outside on a hunt, they shot toy bow and arrows at cardboard deer (they loved this the most), another room had an authentic teepee set up told stories around a "camp fire" and made clay cups, my room was the cranberry bog!! I laid green paper on the floor and covered it with pine boughs, then tossed some cranberries in, the kids had to take their baskets in to the "bog" and pick up berries, then bring them back to the "river" wash tub full of water, wash them and then we cooked them over an "open fire" hot plate with rocks surrounding it! It was so much fun, and why do cranberries look and smell so good but taste so sour??? Sadly I forgot my camera and had to use my phone only a couple picture turned out!

 It was a great activity and we had great conversation about how Native Americans really lived! I hope everyone else is having a great Friday, Short Week next week I am so looking forward to 11:20 on Wed. When my break begins!!

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