5th day of Christmas = 5 awesome activities!!!

Day 5 of Christmas was a hit! The kids loved working with the stamps and paper punches to make patterns and I heard them showing their teachers when they returned to the regular classroom with such pride!
 They are of course stored in the cutest tree tin from dollar tree

 Punches plus red and green paper - I ended up cutting it in strips to make it much easier

 Stamping out patterns!

 Patterns using the small shapes that came from the punch
  Patterns using the strips after they are punched!

 Some used the larger squares and ended up with "frames" they would be cute to use for cards or writing!

We played the Jingle Jingle game I posted free - I found the cutest bag at the local Family Dollar and called it the magic Christmas bag - they reached in and pulled cards out, if they got a letter they read it if they get jingle jingle everyone wiggles like their shaking Christmas bells (I think I may make some bell props to use with this).

Christmas Bingo was next - got this at Walmart for 97 cents!!

 The Night Before Christmas was the read aloud of the day!
Then we made our own Night before Christmas books I downloaded here

Hope your enjoying the 15 days of Christmas, this week flew by I can't believe we only have 10 days before break!! Bring on the Weekend!



  1. Hi Amy,

    These are great ideas! I just happened on your blog and now I'll be spending quite a bit of time reading your posts. Thanks for sharing so many terrific ideas. I'm your newest follower now!
    First Impressions

  2. Thanks Dee, I am now following you! Love your blog as well!! If you send me an email address I will sent you my latest freebies!



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