Christmas is almost 13!

13 days of Christmas's definitely getting close to break now! It's been hard to keep everyone on task but we made it through here's what we did today........

 Stamped gift tags for our parent presents! Got this idea from Stepping into First Grade

 Played elf matching letter game I posted free a while back!

 Reviewed patterns with candy pattern activity I got from Musings of Me!

 Gingerbread positional review (I used them on the white board) got this from Little Miss Kindergarten!

Played beginning sound match game I offered for free on my 100th post! (If you missed it and want to comment I will still send it to you!)

Tomorrow we are celebrating Grinch Day!! Can't wait!!

Also I just had to mention that I am at 150 Followers!!! Thank you all for sharing my blog with others and stopping by to see what I post! I plan on another giveaway to celebrate shortly after the new year!!


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  1. I just discovered your blog and would LOVE a copy of your 100th post beginning sound activity! Thanks!

    couponlover323 at gmail dot com


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