On the 8th day of Christmas.....I'm starting to rethink this!

Why did I think we needed THREE whole weeks of CHRITMAS??? Today was  CRAZY!!! Santa shop is still going on in my room so we are displaced, it's the Intern teacher in one Kindergarten rooms  last day, so all fun there, and The Christmas Concert dress rehearsal is this afternoon, NO ONE is listening to me!! I think two weeks of Christmas is going to be quite enough...I don't know how I will survive the third! Lots of Chocolate and Dr. Pepper I suppose!! LOL

So here is what we did today .........

Made counting Christmas Lights books I downloaded from HERE!

 Decorated Christmas Trees and Stockings (got the foam cutouts at dollar tree five in a pack for a dollar, they were already glittery, we added dot stickers and stars to the trees, cotton and star stickers to the stockings)

Played Go Frog - I posted this as a freebie a while back! I can't believe how many first graders did not have a clue of how to play Go Fish! The rules of the game became a lesson itself.

 Played Roll - a - Santa, I made this game my first year teaching, to the idea and pattern from The Mailbox magazine, I made the dice with a blank dice and shrank the pattern to fit, I also made the "board" to put Santa on to help the kids know where the pieces fit, we had eyes above hats, and noses under the beard! I just put the pieces together and traced onto manila file folders, cut out and laminated to make them.

I know it really wasn't an deep academic kind of day, we played games, yea we counted and practiced numbers but it was more of a fun day than academic, gotta try to get some real learning in here tomorrow!



  1. Amy thanks so much for coming by my blog! You know, I had found yours yesterday but hadn't gotten a chance to comment!! I am following you now, you have some AWESOME IDEAS!!!! :D If you haven't already, feel free to link up this week at my Thrifty Thursday Linky Party. It will be happening every week and it looks like you have some great activities that are free or nearly free to do :) http://www.playingwithwords365.com/category/thrifty-thursday/

  2. Girl I am totally feeling your pain. I just posted about it on my blog not 15 minutes ago! It's gotta get better, right? We've gotta hang in there or they will overrun, overtake, and overthrow us! 10 more days for us!


  3. haha, amy, you crack me up!

    i remember reading awhile back that you had some type of activity for those little christmas presents from walmart? was that you? i cant remember! I shouldve pinned it!

  4. I did post about those presents....It's a counting game, I posted the Christmas tree counting mats we used the presents to count out objects to 20. Look under Christmas of Freebies you will find it!


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