We are getting old....My husband and I!

Today is my husbands birthday! After he surprised me last week I wanted to make this an extra special day for him! I am making his favorite dinner (well actually I bought the stuff, his mom is making it) Mexican Stuffed Shells, they are awesome (I will try to get the recipe from her and share with all of you), baking a cake (I really am doing the baking) and surprising him by having his family over tonight. It will be a big surprise because since I've started grad school we have only hosted guests twice! Both times during the summer when I was not working! I've been hard at work baking, and I can't wait until he gets home!!

It was exactly 16 years ago today when he took me to his house to meet his family for the first time! I was 16 years old!! Remembering that day got me thinking about how much things have changed in the last 16 years! I came across this article on AOL the other day 40-things-that-will-make-you-feel-old and I could not believe how old I was feeling after reading this! Here are some facts about December of 1995 that astound my children today............

* We did not have cell phones, few people did, and they were nothing like the cell phones of today. My husband called me up on the "house phone" and I wasn't there, guess what - he had to WAIT for me to get home, he did not know where I was or when I would return, it's been a LONG time since that has happened.

* We did not have internet - again few people did and if you did it was defiantly not the WIFI of today, oh no you had to have that "house phone" so you could dial in to the internet! We didn't even have a personal computer in our house.

* Nintendo 64 was the latest gaming system on the market, neither my husband or I owned a game system either. We both have little brothers who were still playing the ORIGINAL NINTENDO at the time! You know the one where the characters still looked computer generated and the worlds did not resemble our worlds at all.

* We were still listening to cassettes! CDs were on the market but our cars did not play CDs! DVDs were not on the market yet - we were still watching VHS.

* My husband had been working a full time job for three years (he was turning 20)! He did not ever even consider going to college, he needed money to take care of himself, let alone pay of more schooling. Factory jobs were plentiful and he was ecstatic to be making $10 a hour working in a paper mill.

Are we really that old? Did the world really change that fast? Sometimes I wonder what it will be like 16 years from now when my children are updating others on how much their lives have changed - how much more can technology change our lives? I am amazed by the changes I've seen in my lifetime, and I am sure I will be in awe of what is still to come. An entirely paperless society? No cash circulating around? Who knows what the future holds. I guess there is still room for improvement - we haven't made it to the Jetson's era just yet!! (I want the robotic maid myself :))

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  1. Sounds like your hubby is going to have a wonderful birthday! I'm still waiting for the Jetsons way of living too! :-)

    First Grade Delight


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